Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement


Is Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
for You?

Total hip replacement using a direct anterior approach is a minimally invasive surgery that offers important advantages over standard surgical procedures. Its key characteristic is the use of specialized techniques and instrumentation that allows the physician to perform hip replacement surgery with a smaller incision.

Benefits of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
With this less invasive approach, patients gain significant benefits over traditional hip replacement surgery, including: 

  • Smaller incision – 3-4 inches compared to 8-12 for traditional hip replacement
  • Less disruption to muscles and tendons may reduce recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stay – same day for some people
  • Most people will be able to go straight home from the hospital
  • Quicker rehabilitation
  • Potential for less blood loss, less time in surgery and reduced post-operative pain
  • May allow for a more natural return to normal function and activity

Are You an Anterior Hip Replacement Candidate?
Not all patients are appropriate candidates for this approach. Are you? Fill out the form to make an appointment with a Monroe Clinic joint specialist. 

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