Clinic Expansion Plans Announced - July 2017

Clinic Expansion Plans Announced - July 2017

Commemorative bricks from St. Clare Hospital building will be sold by Monroe Clinic & Hospital Foundation to support community health programs. Click here for details. 

We are pleased to announce the plans for our campus expansion. The first phase of the  St. Clare Center deconstruction is complete. 92% of the materials from the recent St. Clare Hospital deconstruction were recycled. That's nearly  13,372 tons of material that was kept out of landfills. 27,000,000 pounds! Think thirty-six 747 airliners, 334 full loaded 18-wheelers or 4,457 pick up trucks.
It's all part of our intentional effort to be good stewards of the land and of our resources.

Starting September 1st, work will begin on remodeling the current clinic building, as well as construction of the new medical office building. The new building will be adjacent to the current clinic, to the east. Construction is expected to be completed in 2019.

The 1970 portion of the St. Clare Center will remain in place until clinic construction is completed. The location of the former St. Clare Center will be used for additional parking. For ease of our patients, the remodeled clinic entrance will be on the south side of the building, just like the hospital entrance. To make this possible, the portion of 5th Street which currently runs between the St. Clare Center the clinic and hospital buildings will be acquired by Monroe Clinic and the current landscaping with have to be considerably altered.

Construction timeline:

Fall 2017 - Construction of new medical office building begins, along with remodel of current clinic

November 1st, 2017 - east Clinic Entrance will be closed. All Clinic patients will be asked to enter through the Hospital Entrance. Additional Valet services will be available for our patient and visitor convenience.   Family Medicine patients can still park in the North parking lot near the Emergency Entrance to  access the family medicine clinic located in the lower level of the current clinic building. 

2018 - Construction of medical office building continues, changes to 5th Street begin

2019 - New medical office building opens, remainder of St. Clare Center removed

2020 - All parking and landscaping complete

What does this mean for you? This fall, our patients may encounter some directional changes to our campus, such as parking and entrance changes. We will be providing as much assistance as possible at the time, for example with our valet parking and increased signage to make finding things easier. 

In the long run, we are looking forward to a building with the flexibility to meet future needs. Healthcare is changing and didn't want to design for today - but for today and the future!

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