Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplant

Is Corneal Transplant Right for You?

If you have damage to the cornea from injury, infections, Fuchs' dystrophy or Keratoconus (curved cornea), you may need a corneal transplant.​

When your cornea is scarred of clouded, light cannot reach the retina in the back of the eye, resulting in poor vision or blindness. A corneal transplant replaces certain layers of diseased or scarred cornea tissue with healthy tissue from a donor.

Monroe Clinic is the only hospital in our area offering both full and partial thickness corneal transplants - offering state-of-the-art care and treatment close to home.

Our skilled ophthalmologists are here to help. You can ask them a question using the form on the right. Or request a consultation. They will help you determine if a corneal transplant is right for you. And if it is, they'll help you decide which type of transplant procedure is best for your problem.

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