Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement


Is Your Hip Pain Getting Worse?

Pain medications or cortisone injections usually help for a while, but they’re not considered long-term solutions for chronic knee pain.

If it turns out that you need joint replacement surgery, you won’t find better care – or results – than at Monroe Clinic.

  • 93% of our hip replacement patients have mild to no pain during walking after 6 months compared to the national average of 85%
  • 92 percent of our patients are satisfied with their experience, compared to 71% nationally
  • Monroe Clinic patients spend 2.3 days in the hospital instead of the average 3.2
  • 83% of our joint surgery patients go directly home instead of rehab vs. 66% nationally

At Monroe Clinic, we use a unique approach to joint replacement patient care. We get you up and moving as soon as possible, completing therapy with other joint replacement patients. While you’re recovering, you can wear your own clothes instead of embarrassing hospital gowns. 

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