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December 2013

Robotic technology makes it possible to have gall bladder surgery without a visible scar.

Did you know robotic technology makes it possible to have gall bladder surgery without a visible scar?

Learn how da Vinici® offers patients permanent relief from gall bladder disease with minimal pain, less risk of complications and virtually no scarring.  

A very common condition affecting 10-15% of U.S. adults, gallbladder disease affects millions of Americans. Inflammation, infection and blockage (often caused by gallstones) can cause serious symptoms, including abdominal pain, fever, nausea or even jaundice. If left unmanaged, it can even lead to death.

Many people can relieve these symptoms with lifestyle changes and medication, but in other cases, gallbladder removal is the most effective treatment option.

While the availability of minimally-invasive gallbladder removal has reduced incision size, the da Vinci® robotic surgical system has taken these benefits a step further with enhanced precision, vision and flexibility.

"As a surgeon, I still control the procedure from start to finish, but the robotic system allows me an unparalleled level of mobility and magnified 3D vision, taking the capabilities of human eyes and hands to a whole new level," said General Surgeon Andrew Rikkers, DO.
Dr. Rikkers is one of Monroe Clinic’s da Vinici® -trained surgeons. Using this amazing technology, he can perform the entire procedure through a single, small incision in the belly button. 
Potential benefits of the da Vinici® Single-Site procedure over traditional surgery include: 
-high patient satisfaction
-less pain
-lower rate of wound infection
-shorter hospital stay
-less blood loss 
-little or no visible scarring

If you are considering gallbladder removal, talk to your primary care provider or call Monroe Clinic General Surgery at 608-324-2300 to learn more about the advantages of da Vinici® Single-Site gallbladder surgery.