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distracted eating

distracted eating


Learn 5 mindful eating tips that could change your relationship with food

Have you ever looked down at your plate after chatting with a friend only to see a few crumbs and wonder, "Who ate my cake?"  Or sat in front of the television with a full bag of chips only to empty the entire bag in one sitting?

Eating smart isn't only about what you're eating. Research shows our attitude and behaviors when eating can have a major impact on weight management and our overall health. By being mindful, you can practice smart eating whether you're enjoying a kale salad or saving a slice of pie.

Mindful eating tips

Mindful eating is about being fully present when you eat your meals or food of any kind.  It offers both physical and emotional health benefits.

Here are some mindful eat tips you can incorporate into your life:

1) Be selective. You may have lots of options at a party or buffet line, but think about your selections and why those choices appeal to you.

2) Slow down.  Remind yourself that chewing and swallowing is not a race.

3) Remove distractions. Silence and set aside the phone.  Turn off the TV.  Step away from the computer.

4) As you eat, savor the smell, texture and flavor of each bite.

5) Appreciate those who helped feed you ... the famer, baker or deli worker. Think about the story of your food and the people who helped get it to your table.

"Being mindful at the dinner table not only supports healthier eating habits, but it can reduce stress, aid digestion and give our body time to tell our brains we've had enough," said Lori Phelps, PhD, of Monroe Clinic’s Behavioral Health department. "It doesn't have to be and all or nothing approach.  By simply incorporating some elements of mindfulness, you can enjoy the benefits."