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Employer Services

Employer Services

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From insurance premiums to turnover to productivity, a healthy business must have healthy employees. Our team works closely with employers to stay on top of the newest developments in employee health, with an emphasis on preventive measures. When it comes to the physical demands of labor, we provide an array of services designed to match the right employee with the right job. In many cases, our services are available on the job site.

Contact SSM Health Monroe Clinic Medical Group's employer services at 608-324-2160 for:

  • drug and alcohol screening
  • blood borne pathogen training
  • medic first aid/CPR/automated external deliberator training
  • trauma recovery
  • pre-employment exams
  • D.O.T. exams
  • FAA exams
  • functional capacity evaluations
  • ergonomic assessments
  • on-site noise assessments
  • wellness screenings (may include total cholesterol, blood sugar, and lipid panel, blood pressure, body mass index)
  • TB skin testing
  • pulmonary function testing
  • audiograms
  • immunizations (hepatitis B, flu, tetanus)
  • travel medicine exams and travel recommended immunizations
  • fit testing

If you are an employer looking to impact your financial performance and employee satisfaction--as well as enhance your safety record. 

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