Freeport Cancer Care

Freeport Cancer Care

Hope is closer than ever

In the fight against cancer, our patients take comfort in the fact that they walk side-by-side with skilled oncologists and receive treatment options conveniently located close to home.

Our oncologists provide patient consultations and follow-up care for all cancer diagnoses in Freeport, as well as access to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other cancer treatments in Monroe. 

Contact Monroe Clinic's oncology department for the treatment of:

  • All types of cancer
    • Including colon, lung, breast, esophageal, lymphoma and leukemia
  • Benign and malignant tumors

We're here for you. Close to home and now offering oncology consultation and follow up appointments at our Freeport branch on Wednesdays. 

To make an appointment in Freeport please call 815-235-1406; or call 608-324-2685 to make an oncology appointment in Monroe. 


Meet the provider: Mia McDermott, APNP

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