From the Start

From the Start

Whether you're planning to get pregant or are expecting a baby, the team at Monroe Clinic is excited to partner with you. From prenatal care to childbirth classes to labor and delivery, our team will be with you every step of the way. 

No two pregancies are alike. At Monroe Clinic, we take the time to understand your individual health history and any issues concerning your pregnancy. From there, we help you develop a birthing plan that nurtures you and your baby's health. At every stage of your pregancy, you will receive skilled, compassionate care. 

Some of our services include:

  • 3D and 4D ultrasounds (high-resolution still and moving images of your baby)
  • First trimester screening (for chromosomal abnormality)
  • Pain management planning for labor, including epidural consultation
  • Certified lactation (breastfeeding) consultant
  • Childbirth education classes


Private birthing suites

Monroe Clinic's Family Birth & Women's Center features labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum rooms (LDRP) with soft lighting, adjustable bed, whirlpool tub, flat screen TV and comfortable sleeping for family members. A unique green environment with roof-top gardens and natural light embodies Monroe Clinic's healing mission. These features are proven to aid in recovery to help you get home sooner.


Secure Unit

With the safety and security of our moms and their babies a top priority, our Family Birth & Women's Center is a securely locked unit. The security works in two ways: first, all visitors must request entry through an intercom system with the nurses desk.  Second, each mom and baby have an alert bracelet while staying with us. If an infant is removed from the area wearing the bracelet, staff is notified and additional safety measures are enforced to bring the baby back to the unit safely.


Your new addition

Our staff not only focuses their care on your health, but also your infant’s. Our Family Birth & Women's Center is home to a cesarean surgical unit and level II nursery, which means we can offer care in incubators, provide oxygen therapy and address newborn feeding problems if necessary.

Monroe Clinic also features Fetal Telemetry, which allows expectant mothers more freedom to move around during labor, which often speeds up delivery and eases a mother's discomfort. Back at the nurse's station, the baby's heartbeat is continuously monitored. If the baby is in distress, the system alarms anywhere on the floor.


After delivery

Monroe Clinic’s care doesn’t stop after leaving the hospital. A follow up assessment of you and your baby is provided at no charge two to three days after you go home. We also offer classes on baby safety, along with specialists in postpartum depression and pediatric medicine to make sure you and your baby get off to a healthy, happy start.


Meet Our Providers

John Bazley, MD

Jeffrey Dinges, MD, FACOG

Joseph Ehle, MD, FACOG

Bibiancy Gutierrez, MD

Michele Roelli, MD

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