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Employee Wellness Programs
designed by local Health Care Experts.

Managing Employee Health is Good Business.

It’s no secret that happy and healthy employees boost a business’ bottom line—increasing customer
satisfaction and organizational efficiencies. Health issues at the individual level translate into expense and inefficiency at the team level. Combine that with the rising cost of insurance plans and it’s easy to see why businesses are looking at ways to help employees manage their health.
Dedicated clinics are proven to reduce the number of Emergency Room visits and increase the early
treatment of illnesses and injuries. In addition employers offering easy access to healthcare through
employer clinics reduce personnel turnover and enhance their recruiting of new, high quality team members.

Why Partner with Monroe Clinic?

Monroe Clinic has proven experience improving the health of employee populations, saving the employer money and increasing employee satisfaction.
We are a state-of-the-art health system with access to advanced medical equipment and technology, yet our size allows us to be nimble and responsive to customer needs. We can target specific health problems and offer customized solutions to improve the health of your workforce.

Getting Started.

There are three levels of investment you can choose to address your employee health needs. The Health Care Partner Program is a long-term investment decreasing your healthcare expenditures and improving your employee satisfaction with a clinic or provider dedicated to your organization.
The Prevention Plan is a solid step towards prevention and population health assessment. The Health and Safety Plan represents the minimum services recommended to positively impact the safety and health of your work force.

Step 1. A complete organizational assessment is the first step. We work with your team to understand the unique aspects of
your workforce, workplace and organizational goals. Our proven assessment tool identifies opportunities and is the foundation for a
successful strategy and implementation.

Step 3. Monroe Clinic develops a customized employee health care plan for your business. It includes program detail, implementation
specifics, and measurement criteria.

Step 4. Determine program implementation timeline.

For more information about how MC Works can benefit your employees, contact Karl Rindal at 608-324-2160 or






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