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Moving Forward | Coronavirus

Moving Forward | Coronavirus

Moving Forward
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As we continue to resume our available services at SSM Health Monroe, we want to assure our patients, visitors, and community members that we are taking every step we can to ensure your care is delivered safely. Our services are being reopened in a phased approach, with precautions in place and a prioritized focus on patients whose appointments and procedures may have been delayed or impacted by COVID-19 regulations.

Looking to schedule an appointment? Please visit our Clinic Visits page.

SSM Health Monroe continues to believe exceptional health care begins with our commitment to quality – Ensuring our patients receive safe and compassionate care. Throughout this experience, our commitment to quality care remains unchanged. For over a month, we have adapted our processes to continue to provide care to patients in our community, while following the new guidelines and regulations put into place around health care services.

For any of our patients that have visited our care sites, you will have experienced quite a few of the changes we’ve put into place to enhance patient safety:

  • Screening of all patients prior to their scheduled procedures
  • visitor policy to limit unnecessary traffic in our facilities
  • Entrance screening for all patients and visitors to our facilities
  • Universal use of appropriate personal protective equipment for all providers and staff
  • Enhanced cleaning/disinfection processes in our clinics, hospitals and surgery centers
  • Plexiglass barriers at check-in and registration to ensure appropriate distancing
  • Realigned waiting area processes to ensure appropriate physical distancing
  • Required masking for all patients, visitors, and staff members in our facilities

We understand you and your loved ones still need care. Our locations remain open and available to provide care if and when you need it. Our initial areas of focus include previously delayed surgeries due to COVID risks, effective screening and testing procedures for both patients and staff, and preventative care services for our community members.

For other routine appointments, SSM Health Monroe Clinic Medical Group continues to offer telehealth visits where appropriate during which patients can meet with a provider about their health concerns from the comfort of their own home. Telehealth visits are an excellent option for a variety of conditions and follow-up visits such as: chronic illness and care management, post-surgical follow up, mental health issues, and annual wellness visits. To learn more about telehealth visits, please visit our telehealth page or contact your provider’s office to schedule an appointment.

Not seeking care – particularly for chronic illnesses, and urgent or emergency conditions – could negatively impact your overall health and wellbeing. Patients should not be hesitant to contact their provider for any health care concerns or needs – or go to the hospital in emergency situations. We are here for you and ready to provide safe, high-quality care.

We want to thank our community members for their outpouring of support and understanding as we’ve navigated through the challenges of COVID-19. We will continue to share updates and communicate our approach as we move forward to safely return to normal operations. We are in this together. Thank you.

To learn more about the precautions in place as well as other updates on locations and service impacts, please visit our Coronavirus page