Local Lemonade Stand Pours Funds Into Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation

Girls donate entire stands’ proceeds for other kids in need

On a hot day most people think of lemonade as a saving grace – one particular stand proved that point goes beyond just the thought.

Monroe natives Cammi Ganshert, 8, and Lauren Hlubek, 8, put their lemonade stand up for a good cause this year. On Monday, June 22, the two friends set up shop at the Badger Days golf outing in Monroe. To the surprise of Lauren’s grandmother, Phyllis Studer, the two were up to something quite impressive.

“I was so surprised, I was almost speechless,” Studer said.

Cammi and Lauren were mixing up something special – a saving grace for other kids. As it turns out, the girls made a decision that this year they would donate the money they raised to help make other children’s hospital stays at Monroe Clinic a little more pleasant.

This year? That’s right. This is the second annual lemonade stand for the girls at the golf outing. Last year they attended the same event and split the money up between them. This year they raised $40, of which every penny was donated.

“We’re more mature now,” stated Ganshert.

When asked about their favorite customer interactions – the girls had two examples to share.

“Our first customer didn’t even want any lemonade. He just made a donation when he found out what we were doing,” said Hlubek.

Ganshert added, “I knew two customers, and one guy told me to have the person in yellow in the next group pay double. But we didn’t, we charged everyone the same.”

The girls made a couple suggestions on ways that their gift could be used to help children who come to the hospital in need of care, including coloring books, stuffed animals, bouncy balls and American Girl dolls. A number of Monroe Clinic staff members made matching donations to support health care for children as well.

“We’re really excited! We’re looking forward to making other kids happier,” added Hlubek. 

“We’re excited and grateful to have young donors like Cammi and Lauren,” said Deirdre Gruendler, executive director of Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation. “Their gift is an inspiration to us all and a reminder about the importance of caring for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our communities.”

If you would like to match their gift and support children’s health care, you can contact Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation for information at 608-324-2868.