Construction Workers Get a Sweet Delivery

When you think of essential items for a construction site, certain things come to mind—bulldozers, cement mixers and even cranes. What about cookies? Well, if you ask the construction workers at Monroe Clinic, they’d say they’re a necessary inclusion.

On Wednesday, April 28, the construction crew received a sweet delivery from the residents of St. Clare Friedensheim. Some of the ladies donned their oven mitts to bake for the crew working day in and day out just outside their windows.

“It’s the least we could do—they’re providing us with entertainment all day long,” said Eleanor Schultz, resident. “It’s amazing to see how quickly things change.”

The residents at St. Clare Friedensheim, certainly have some of the best seats in the house—in fact, many residents are continually monitoring the progress of the new hospital building.

“You wouldn’t believe how much the residents talk about the building project,” said Sharon Paulson, Housing Manager. “Every day there’s something new happening, and the residents enjoy being among the first to know. It’s definitely the most talked about topic here.”

In return, the construction team appreciated the residents’ delicious gift. They couldn’t say enough about the unexpected treat and the community.

“It has been a privilege to work in Monroe,” stated Rod Marron, Senior Superintendent, CG Schmidt. “The people have truly welcomed our crew, and we’re so appreciative. It’s people like the residents at St. Clare Friedensheim that make this experience all the more exciting for us. I know the crew really appreciated the gesture.”

Marron added that the residents are a very inquisitive group, and they have employed other means besides looking out the windows to get the inside scoop.

“One gentlemen rides his scooter down a few times a week to get updates. I think the other residents see him as the go-to-guy for information,” said Marron. “Our workers are very happy to take time and visit with him and share updates on the project.”

The construction buzz isn’t the only source of excitement brewing these days at St. Clare Friedensheim, as residents and staff prepare to celebrate their 10-year anniversary this July.

So, if sometime in the future a resident at St. Clare Friedensheim tells you they helped construct the Northwest Addition for Monroe Clinic—they did. Their labor certainly provided a lift.  

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