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Pharmacotherapists are pharmacists with specialized training in the management of medicines. A pharmacotherapist works with other members of your healthcarel team to ensure the medicine you take is effective, safe, and affordable for you.

  • Pharmacotherapy is ideal for management of:
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease (including high blood pressure, cholesterol, or heart failure)
    • Blood thinners
    • Lung disease (like asthma or COPD)
    • Tobacco cessation (single and group sessions)
    • Chronic pain or long-term opioid use
    • And multiple other conditions
  • Pharmacotherapy can also help with the following situations related to medicines:
    • Side-effects and intolerances
    • Drug timing and interactions
    • Insurance problems or costly medicines
    • Multiple medicines or “polypharmacy”
    • Reducing medicines or “de-prescribing”
    • Personal testing for how genes and drugs interact

Visits with a pharmacotherapist focus on the results and benefits of your medications. Find peace of mind as you discuss concerns you may be experiencing with a medication expert.

Most insurance plans recognize the benefit of Pharmacotherapy visits and offer the same coverage as a primary care visit.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please discuss with your primary care provider how a pharmacotherapist will fit into your care team.

You can also call the department directly at 608-324-2259 to make an appointment.


Pharmacotherpay is located on the second floor of SM Health Monroe Clinic Medical Group in Monroe. 

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