Adult Medicine

Even after your body is done growing, it never stops changing. Adult medicine, also known as internal medicine, is a specialty designed around the primary care needs of patients ages 18 and over. The physicians and nurse practitioners that provide adult medicine are trained in the essentials of primary care, including issues and complications that might emerge over the various stages of life. Also known as "internists" or "general internists," physicians who provide adult medicine should not be confused with "interns," who are doctors in their first year of training after medical school.

Working in the largest primary care specialty in the United States, general internists continually update their knowledge of prevention, symptoms, and treatments of many illnesses, such as: allergy, arthritis, blood diseases, cancer, diabetes, digestive diseases, illness in the elderly, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hormonal disorders, infections, intensive care, kidney diseases, and respiratory disorders.

Since a good offense is the best defense, much of adult medicine is dedicated to empowering patients to control the risk factors that could lead to serious health problems down the road.

Monroe Clinic offers adult medicine services at eight convenient locations. To schedule an appointment on the main Monroe Clinic campus, call 608-324-2200. For services in your neighborhood, click on a location link below.