Audiology Services

Hearing loss is not uncommon, and despite some popular beliefs, hearing loss can occur in young people. More than 31 million Americans have some type of hearing problem. Hearing difficulties can be hard to recognize unless they are evaluated by an audiologist who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing hearing loss. By using various assessments, an audiologist can determine an individual's hearing capacity and then fit hearing aids or other hearing devices if necessary.

In addition, audiologists provide balance testing and therapy, aural rehabilitation, central auditory processing disorder testing, and counseling for people of all ages.

To learn more about Monroe Clinic's audiology services, call 608-324-2357. Our offerings include:

  • hearing aid evaluations
  • hearing aid accessories (batteries, cleaner, dry-aid kits, battery testers, maintenance kits)
  • diagnostic hearing tests
  • hearing aid dispensing (30-day trial period)
  • personal-fit swim plugs
  • personal-fit hearing protection
  • personal-fit musician earplugs
  • personal-fit ear molds for iPods
  • personal-fit ear molds for hands-free cell phone systems
  • vestibular testing (test of the balance organs)
  • pediatric hearing testing
  • hearing conservation consulting