Emergency Care

If you are experiencing any warning signs, don't wait—call 911!


Emergency Department

When moments count, our emergency team is ready to provide the most efficient and effective care possible. Now more than ever, Monroe Clinic is equipped to provide the very best in emergency medicine:

  • 2 trauma rooms, 10 exam rooms and 6 observation rooms
  • An on-site helipad for emergency transport in and out
  • Cardiology and imaging departments only footsteps away from emergency care
  • Centrally located staff and nursing stations mean quicker access to patients
  • a skilled team of emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, and nurses
  • certified staff in advanced cardiac life support, emergency nurse pediatric, trauma nurse care


Emergency Services

Air transport services can cut transfer times in half for patients in critical need. Our newly designed helipad ensures all patients get the best care possible, in the fastest time possible.

The helipad is also home to cutting-edge energy design. Excess heat from our computer center is captured and funneled to the pavement so there’s never a need for de-icing the helipad or walking paths. Safer, greener, better!

An ambulance entrance features an enclosed and heated garage for faster, smoother and more comfortable patient transportation.

Come to Monroe Clinic's Emergency Department for the treatment of all your urgent health care needs. We can be reached at 608-324-1160 and are located in the hospital lower-level. In the case of an emergency, call 911.


If you are experiencing any warning signs, don't wait—call 911!