Travel Medicine

Going to Brazil? Jamaica? Japan? South Africa? Australia?

Before you leave, it's important to visit a travel clinic, where you can receive pre- and post-travel counseling, disease prevention advice, and immunizations.

Monroe Clinic's travel clinic is offered through occupational health services at the Monroe campus and is staffed by a team of health care providers who offer a wide range of services tailored to the individual and his or her travel plans. Travelers learn how to avoid certain risk factors, how to best manage any of their pre-existing conditions, and what precautions need to be taken before they can begin their journey.

Monroe Clinic's travel clinic is one of the few facilities in Wisconsin that offers the yellow fever vaccine. If patients are not able to get this vaccine prior to going to their destination, they would not be allowed to enter a country where it is recommended.

A minimum of eight weeks may be needed to receive all basic vaccinations required for your trip, though certain immunizations can require even more time. You should consult a travel clinic as soon as you begin planning for your journey. Click here for a travel medicine checklist (PDF). To make an appointment for the travel clinic, call occupational health at 608-324-2160.