Monroe Clinic's urology team offers speciality care to men, women and children while providing timely diagnosis and effective treatment by building the patient/physician relationship.
If surgery is the best option, we offer the newest advancements, including da Vinci® Surgical System, green light laser treatments (laser energy vaporizes and precisely removes excess prostate tissue) as well as traditional surgeries. In the clinic setting, we perform cystoscopies, ultrasound-guided prostate biopsies and TICE® BCG instillations (immunotherapy for superficial bladder cancer).


Contact Monroe Clinic's urology at 608-324-2399 for the treatment of:

  • benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • cancer (bladder, prostate, renal, testicular)
  • impotence
  • incontinence
  • kidney stone
  • urinary tract infection
  • other disorders of the urinary tract