What is a Resident Physician?

What is a Resident Physician?

Currently all Monroe Clinic resident physicians are graduates from osteopathic medical school, or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO).

Residents spend three years of post-graduate training to learn family-centered care in a rural setting. They provide a full spectrum of care -- from childbirth to chronic conditions that affect senior citizens -- including: 

  • Comprehensive health care for infants, children and adults
  • Maternity care from prenatal to postpartum
  • Women’s health care, including pap smears and family planning 
  • Health assessments and physicals 
  • Acute and chronic illness care 
  • Minor procedures 
  • Nutrition counseling and weight management 
  • Osteopathic manipulation therapy 

Monroe Clinic's Residency Program allows us to recruit the best and brightest physicians to care for the citizens of our community.  In fact, research shows that a majority of physicians settle in or near the community in which they complete their residency training.

What to expect when seeing a resident physican.

Resident physicians are supervised by board-certified physicians at Monroe Clinic. A thorough review of your health concerns will be done by the resident and supervising physician--it's like getting a second opinion every time!  At some appointments, you may meet with both doctors. At other appointments, you may meet with only the resident physician. 

Call 608-324-2600 to schedule an appointment with any of the Family Medicine residents listed below:


Joy Ryland, DO

Bhuvana Durairaj, DO

Nikitasha Aggarwal, DO

James George, DO

Jacob Becker, DO

Mark Porvaznik, DO

Jeremy Kim, DO

Sarah Pope, DO

Michael Roesch, DO

Erica Yamamoto, DO





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