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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care


Spiritual Services

Our patients' expectation of comprehensive care isn't solely based on the number of specialties, physicians or services we offer, but on our long-standing commitment to each person's spiritual and emotional well-being. Caring for a person's mind, body and spirit is the core of our organization, the root of our mission, and the foundation of a truly comprehensive health care experience.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a special service designed around the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families. Pastoral care functions with the understanding that each life is precious and sacred. Whatever our patient's health status may be, our pastoral care staff is available to provide support, with respect to each person's faith and beliefs. 

Our on-call Chaplain:

  • is clinically trained, certified and is ecclesiastically ordained
  • is available in the hospital, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm and on-call for emergencies
  • works with the local pastors and churches to provide spiritual support

To contact SSM Health Monroe's Chaplain, call 608-324-1466 or ask your nurse. You can also dial "0" from the hospital for the hospital operator to page him. After the working hours our nursing staff can help you get in touch with the chaplain. Our Chaplain is available to:

  • listen
  • pray for patients and families
  • suggest devotional material
  • rejoice with those who are experiencing the miracle of life
  • offer encouragement and support
  • mourn with those who are sorrowful and experiencing loss
  • contact your Minister, Priest, Pastor, or Rabbi
  • offer spiritual assessment and directions
  • participate in conflict resolution among staff members, patients and family members, if needed
  • facilitate communication between patients and care givers and family
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