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Telehealth at SSM Health Monroe Clinic Medical Group

Telehealth appointments connect patients with providers from the safety of their own home. During these appointments, medical staff will speak with patients via video chat or phone call to diagnose and treat patients just like they would during an in-office appointment.

A telehealth visit is a great option for a variety of conditions and some types of follow-up visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a telehealth visit cost the same as in the in-person provider's visit? 
Yes, a telehealth visit is billed to your insurance at your normal in-person provider’s visit copay. If you do not have insurance, the fee for a telehealth appointment will be the same out-of-pocket cost as a normal in-person provider visit.

Can I schedule a telehealth visit through MyChart? 
At this time, scheduling for telehealth visits via MyChart is unavailable. Please call your provider’s office to quickly and conveniently schedule a telehealth visit.

How do I know if I qualify for a telehealth appointment? 
Telehealth appointments are a convenient and effective option to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions. Patients will need to call their provider's office to discuss whether a telehealth visit is appropriate.

How do I set up a telehealth visit? 
Please call your provider’s office directly to schedule your appointment.

What if I don't have Internet connection? 
If you do not have the ability to connect to the Internet, your provider may be able to complete the visit over the telephone. Please call your provider’s office and they will determine if your appointment is appropriate to have over the phone or if an in-person visit is necessary.

Are Medicare Wellness visits able to be done via telehealth? 
Yes - Most Medicare Wellness visits are available via telehealth. Please contact your provider to learn more. 

What types of conditions are appropriate for a telehealth visit? 
Whether a telehealth visit is appropriate for your care plan or illness is up to your provider. Many patients are successfully connecting with providers via telehealth for:

  • diabetes education
  • psychiatry and mental health appointments
  • minor injuries
  • skin conditions
  • mild illnesses

Depending on your individual care plan or illness, the provider may tell you that an in-person visit is recommended to provide the best care possible.

What if my provider isn't available for a telehealth visit? 
If your provider is not available for a telehealth visit, you may see another provider. Your provider’s office should be able to help connect you to an available provider.

Why should I choose a telehealth visit? 
SSM Health Monroe cares about your safety and that of the communities we serve. By choosing to connect with your care provider from home, we can limit the potential exposure and spread of COVID-19. Telehealth appointments offer patients a convenient, safe, and simple option while still providing the same exceptional care you expect from SSM Health Monroe.


Will the provider call me directly or how will we be connected? 
After you call to schedule an appointment, a member of our team will send you a link for the video chat via email or MyChart. If you are scheduled for a telephone visit, the team will call you at your appointment time.