Annual Wellness Visits

Annual Wellness Visits

Primary Care | Pediatric Annual Wellness Visits 

Routine care for children is important. Your child needs to continue to receive care, especially during uncertain times. 

What's Involved
During an annual wellness visit, your child's provider can:

  • Talk with your child about any health or wellness concerns he/she may have
  • Conduct a full and comprehensive exam to ensure your child is on track with growth and development
  • Provide guidance and age-appropriate education about health, safety, and behavioral topics
  • Help talk with your child about COVID-19 or other concerns they may be having 
  • Clear your child for participation in sports/athletics for school
  • Review your child's records and make sure immunizations and vaccinations are up to date

Most annual wellness visits are available through insurance with no out-of-pocket expenses. 

Wellness visits are available at our main campus in Monroe as well as all branch locations. 

How to Schedule an Appointment
Contact your provider's office to schedule a time that's convenient for you and your child to come in for his or her annual wellness visit. Monroe Clinic is taking significant precautions to ensure patient safety. To learn about what precautions are currently in place at our locations, please visit our Precautions & Safety Enhancements page

Beginning Wednesday, August 5th, Dr. Geier will be offering extended hours in Family Medicine on Wednesday evenings from 5-6:30pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an annual wellness visit and a sports physical? 
The key difference between the two is the level of care provided. A sports physical does not take the place of a regular checkup. It is designed to clear a student athlete for participation in sports, and nothing more. An annual wellness visit clears a child to participate in sports, in addition to a much more comprehensive examination.

When should I schedule my child's annual wellness exam? 
We recommend scheduling your child's exam as soon as possible. Depending on the age of your child, these visits usually line up with back-to-school planning. As these visits can clear your child for participation in sports, as well as get them ready for the new school year, we recommend scheduling in July or August if possible. 

How long does an annual wellness exam take? 
Most appointments should be completed in around 20 minutes. We recommend coming prepared with any questions you may have to make the most of your time with the provider. 

How much does an annual wellness exam cost? 
Through most insurance policies, annual wellness exams are covered at no-cost to the patient. We recommend you check with your insurance company to determine cost prior to scheduling.