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da Vinci Robotic Surgery

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Medical Specialties

Get back to what you love faster with da Vinci surgery

SSM Health Monroe Hospital offers both single-site General and Gynecology Surgery with da Vinci. That means in some surgical cases only one small, single incision site is needed to perform the operation. To the patient that means less pain and faster recovery.

We're proud to be leading the way... offering our patients the latest in robotic-assisted surgery close to home. Our surgeons prefer using this technology where space is confined and precise work around nerves and blood vessels is important. With the small surface incisions, slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil, the trauma on internal tissue is minimal.  Our surgeons have performed over 500 da Vinci surgeries in Monroe!

To learn more about SSM Health Monroe Hospital's da Vinci surgical options, contact Women's Health at 608-324-2250 or Urology at 608-324-2300.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the da Vinci robotic surgical system replace the need for a surgeon?

No. The surgeon uses his/her hands to control the da Vinci system. The da Vinci Surgical System cannot act on its own. Surgeries are entirely performed and guided by the surgeon.

Will insurance plans cover da Vinci surgeries?

The da Vinci is FDA-approved, so it is covered by many plans. While coverage may vary from policy to policy, any insurance provider—including Medicare—that covers minimally invasive surgery will cover da Vinci procedures.

What if the hospital experiences a power outage?

A backup battery will allow the hospital’s generators time to take over with no interruption of power.

How does the da Vinci increase precision?
1) Scaled movement:
 The da Vinci scales a surgeon’s larger hand movements into careful, tiny movements. It even filters shaky movements or tremors and will not allow any movement if the surgeon’s head is not placed in the viewfinder, ensuring every movement is an intentional movement.

2) Amazing visualization: High-definition cameras offer 3D vision and 10-12x magnification. This detail allows surgeons to safely navigate nerves and blood vessels. Surgeons can move the camera to look around “corners” and underneath the organs.

What are the key patient benefits?

  • Incisions are slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil and scarring is minimal
  • The smaller incisions heal faster and are less painful
  • Patients who receive da Vinci surgery typically spend less than half the time recovering over other types of traditional surgery This allows patients to return to their daily lives sooner and reduces hospital costs by nearly 33%
  • The high level of precision may permit people who are not candidates for invasive surgery to undergo surgical repair
  • While useful in many types of surgeries, it is particularly useful in gynecology where space is confined and precise work around imperative nerves and blood vessels is required
  • The greater surgical precision enhances the likelihood that all cancerous tissue will be removed
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